In 1921, a former bellhop from Florence, called Guccio Gucci, bought a shop to sell leather luggage, along with a workshop to produce leather.

More than 100 years later, what was once a single shop for luggage became one of the most famous brands of clothing, accessories, handbags, makeup, and even home decoration. Gucci products are also commonly used by celebrities.

Their handmade items are crafted by experts, with Italian leather and innovative designs that become trends. It isn’t hard to realize that some of the brands’ goods are quite costly, but you might not know just how costly they can be. So, check out this list of the 10 most expensive Gucci items.

10. Mirror Sequins Skirt ($13,000)

Gucci Mirror Sequins Skirt

Image credit: Gucci

Multicolored mirror sequins dot this skirt in a smart way. The result is a unique, shiny effect, that rescues fashion from the past.

The elastic waistband makes it a nice fit, while the floral lace lining can be detached or attached to match the wearer’s looks. All that’s needed is $13,000.

9. Hacker Project Crystal Hourglass Jacket ($13,000)

Gucci Hacker Project Crystal Hourglass Jacket

Image credit: Gucci

The hourglass silhouette on this jacket is unique, even more so because it’s a limited edition.

Designer Alessandro Michele fashioned it with a mix of Balenciaga and Gucci. On a closer look, it’s possible to see many crystals decorating the jacket. It’s not a surprise to see the product end up in a list of the most expensive Gucci items.

8. Gucci Medium Shoulder Bags 1921 Collection ($28,990)

Gucci Medium Shoulder Bags 1921 Collection

Image credit: Expensive World

When Gucci celebrated its 90th anniversary, a special edition of bags was released, with crocodile skin to make up the outside of the items.

They came in two ways: a pink bag and a green one. For as much as $28,990, one of them could hold the essentials of their owner, and also make them look splendid.

7. Gucci Soft Stirrup Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag ($29,990)


Image credit: Expensive World

This leather’s texture can almost be felt, just by looking at it. Crocodile skin with black color is a stunning combination for a shoulder bag.

If elegance is on someone’s list, they should certainly take a look at this item.

6. Gucci Sylvie Black Crocodile Top Handle Bag ($31,000)

Gucci Sylvie Black Crocodile Top Handle Bag

Image credit: Expensive World

It doesn’t matter how many crocodile leather Gucci bags you have, it’s never enough.

This product has the same shiny feel as the list’s no. 7, however it has details that are even more showy. The bright chain in the middle can attest that.

5. Gucci Crocodile Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle ($32,000)

Gucci Crocodile Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle

Image credit: Expensive World

Another bag with crocodile skin makes its way to this list. Except this time, it has the distinctive bamboo handle to match its color pattern.

The brown leather might not be as shiny as a black one, but it gives a whole other sensation to the eyes.

4. Gucci Sylvie Hibiscus Red Crocodile Top Handle Bag ($34,000)

Gucci Sylvie Hibiscus Red Crocodile Top Handle Bag

Image credit: Expensive World

If black is too elegant for you, maybe you should try a sensual red color. This Gucci item feels like a hibiscus flower, but a closer look will expose its hardy crocodile leather.

To top it off, it has a golden buckle that fits perfectly with the rest of the bag.

3. Gucci Diana Crocodile Small Tote Bag ($35,000)

Gucci Diana Crocodile Small Tote Bag

Image credit: Gucci

Bamboo handles are an innovative design, that’s for sure, but it’s probably not what makes this bag the third most expensive Gucci item.

The Diana tote bag is another crocodile leather product. Gucci’s trend is evident here: good-looking items that stray away from the mainstream.

2. Gucci Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag ($37,400)

Gucci Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag

Image credit: Expensive World

Crocodile leather is very expensive by itself, but Gucci can make it even more costly. They do so with expert craftsmanship and unique designs. This shoulder bag is no different, with its crocodile leather and gold decorations.

People probably wonder: is Gucci a company that loves crocodiles, or hates them?

1. Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt ($250,000)

Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt

Image credit:

The most expensive Gucci item is also the world’s most expensive belt.

Stuart Hughes certainly used his talent of making fancy accessories. The buckle has pure platinum as its material, and it forms a double G signature. On that signature, 30 carats of flawless diamonds were carefully set, giving it a discrete but rich shine.

Final Thoughts

This list was made with Expensive World’s list of most expensive Gucci items, together with Gucci’s online store.

Keep in mind that prices or items might not be the same for everyone, because of the online store’s location (North American Gucci is not the same as Italian Gucci, for example).


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