Historically, shoes were meant to protect a person’s feet. While most people had shoes only for that purpose, a select few could get elaborate and beautiful footwear, aiming to look good above all else. Nowadays, while many individuals still strive to give comfort to their feet, there is also a desire to look good, just as it is with regular clothes.

That is why you might be interested in this list of the most expensive Nike sneakers. Having fashionable and good-quality footwear has a price, but it’s definitely worth it. Besides, these shoes aren’t reserved or auctioned; anyone can buy them.

1. Nike Air Mag Sneakers ($27,038)

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This one looks like it came straight from the future. Nike Air Mag Sneakers are intentionally similar to Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers from the second installment of the Back To The Future franchise. In order to be as faithful to the movie as possible, Nike even made these sneakers self-lacing, with an internal battery that also helps light up its luminescent out-sole.

A pair of these is not only stylish, but also nostalgic.

2. Nike SB What The Dunk Sneakers ($27,038)

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After developing a series of Nike SB Dunk models aimed at skateboarders (hence the name “SB”), Nike decided to create this one: the “Dunk to end all Dunks”.

The Nike SB What The Dunk Sneakers meets the Air Mag Sneakers in price, but is very different because of its unique visuals. At first glance, this seems like a collage art, however it’s a mixture of previous Dunk models, resulting in a pair of shoes that can tell the history of skateboarding sneakers.

3. Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG Sneakers ($24,700)

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The second highest price for the most expensive Nike shoes goes to the result of a collaboration between Nike and Kanye West. The Yeezy collaboration project has two editions, and this product belongs to the second.

This NRG model has a lot to give in both comfort, visuals and popularity. With shorter size and no more unnecessary padding, the second Yeezy line has many practical improvements compared to its predecessors. As if those weren’t enough, it also has an animalistic reptile look with certain Egyptian culture references in its design, which look unique in the white color scheme.

4. Nike Air Yeezy Sneakers ($21,630)

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Before Yeezy 2, there was “just Yeezy”. The first Yeezy edition was the first time Nike made a non-athlete collaboration; with Kanye West. These shoes took inspiration from other lines, such as the Jordan 3 and 4, but with added design choices from both Nike and Kanye West. It is worth mentioning the rapper is a big influence in both the hip-hop world and the fashion universe.

These sneakers first came in three color schemes and a futuristic visual, along with high-quality material and a sole that glows in the dark.

5. Nike Dunk high-top Sneakers ($16,223)

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Nike’s Dunk sneakers are a series of models, and among them is the Dunk high-top, also called Dunk High.

These shoes deserve their place among the most expensive Nike sneakers, and that’s not only for their price; Nike Dunk High has the comfort needed to play basketball, with the visuals needed to make you look like you’re straight out of a Tony Hawk’s videogame.

6. Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG ($13,352)

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Another from the Yeezy 2 line in this list, this model has a different color scheme. Although it is cheaper than its white counterpart, this one has the same style. It’s even more suitable for you if you prefer dark over light.

All the same Yeezy 2 features are included in it: the animalistic, reptile vibe, improvements from the previous Yeezy line, and Egyptian culture references, to cite some.

7. Nike x Cactus Plant Flea Market x Swarovski Dunk Low Sneakers ($12,978)

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When you mix the idea of a Nike low Dunk, a cactus plant and Swarovski crystals, you get this beauty.

With what looks like the model of a typical Nike Dunk sneaker, this goes to the next level by adding unique, shiny visuals to its whole outside. These richly decorated shoes can surely make their owner stand out in a crowd, as bright as a footwear can get.

Final Thoughts

Some may think the only ones who want these shoes are “sneakerheads” – people who collect and know everything sneaker-related. However, you don’t need to be obsessed about footwear to desire something special for yourself. If you can afford them, comfort, style and uniqueness are well worth the money.


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